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Founded in 1946 as a general foundry, Blackwood Engineering began specialising in the production and supply of counterweight castings during the 1970’s.

The company diversified and expanded its product range in the 1990’s to include ductile iron and steel, whilst also starting to focus on more complex, engineered castings. Over the years, Blackwood Engineering has established a reliable reputation for the supply of high quality, cost effective counterweights and other ferrous casting products to the global construction equipment sector, as well as the material handling and lift truck industries.

The company was quick to recognise the emergence of China as the most competitive place to source casting products and began importing from China in 1997. During 2002, the company decided to close down its own in-house foundry and transfer all production to China.

Operating within an increasingly complex global supply chain, Blackwood Engineering will offer you the most cost effective supply option that is appropriate for your company.

Whilst our business has adapted from a UK manufacturing operation in the 1990’s, to the globally reaching supplier that it has become today, we continue to recognise a sound knowledge of foundry engineering as one of our core competencies.

Our engineers will work closely with you and the selected foundry to manage every aspect of the project and guide you in the design phase, prototyping, pre-production through to final production, making the process as smooth and as painless from your perspective.

Over the years, we have developed a sound trading relationship with a selection of partner foundries in China.

We feel that our trading experience with these businesses along with the purchasing power that we can exercise will create a favourable commercial proposition for yourselves, and will also help you to avoid many of the pit-falls that can be experienced in pursuing some of the alternative procurement routes.

From China, we ship weekly to our facilities in South Wales, UK and Belgium. Both of these locations offer full storage, warehousing, material handling and finishing services, and daily just-in-time deliveries to our customer base.

All of our facilities have storage and warehousing capabilities, so you have the peace of mind that the stock is in the correct place for your requirements.

We also operate partnerships with third party organisations in other locations that will take care of warehousing and finishing requirements for you. In addition, where appropriate, we will ship containers directly to your facility wherever you might be located throughout the world.

In summary, we are here to assist you and manage your casting business and you will have peace of mind that your products are readily available wherever and whenever you require.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you source cast products from China.

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