Our partnership foundries produce quality grey iron, ductile iron and steel castings from 0.5 kilos up to 15 Tonnes and collectively, have an annual production capacity of over 120,000 Tones.

Our foundries adhere to ISO9001 and operate a diverse range of casting processes, which allows us to offer you the most cost effective production process to suit your products. The processes include;

  • The vacuum sealed process
  • Resin sand moulding, 
  • High pressure green sand moulding
  • Lost wax
  • Automatic and semi-automatic moulding lines.

Patterns are CNC machined to your CAD models, ensuring greater dimensional accuracy and can be made in either single or multiple impressions, usually from wood or aluminium.

All our Chinese foundries operate to stringent production and quality controls, throughout the entire process, from moulding to final finishing. The quality of raw materials is checked by spectrometer at the start of every cast batch, ensuring the material is to your specification.

During the sampling stage, once the castings have been made, full dimensional analysis is carried out, using 3D co-ordinate measurement equipment, to ensure that all your parts are correct to drawing specification.

Our foundries have invested in the latest CNC machining equipment which ensures accurate machined casting products. They also provide a range of painting options whether it be prime painting, full gloss painting or customised colours and suitably packaged for direct delivery to your door.

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