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We specialise in a full range of grey iron, ductile (SG) iron and steel castings.

Grey Iron is the most commonly used and cheapest material counterweights, which generally have non-structural requirements. Whilst not as ductile as SG Iron, we have great experience in using this material to produce large thin walled counterweights, often used to form the machines exterior styling requirements. Typical grades used are GJL 180, 200 and 250.

Ductile Iron, commonly referred to as SG (Spheroidal Graphite) Iron has higher mechanical properties than that of grey iron. This is due to the carbon/graphite being being sphreoidal in shape, unlike grey iron where they are more laminar/flake in shape. This results in higher tensile and ductile properties, which is more suitable for complicated parts where load and impact resistance is a requirement. We provide a full range of ductile iron grades.

Steel offers the highest mechanical properties and its low carbon content makes it ideal to be used within weld assemblies, with other alloys making it suitable for castings that have a high structural requirement.

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